Panarea Island Wedding Photographer

Martha & Alastair

Panarea Island Wedding Photographer

As a Destination Wedding Photographer I visit some wonderful places and a few
months ago, I found myself on Panarea Island. I get to share all the special and
emotive moments of their wedding day with so many couples, but often in a quiet
moment, it is the memories of Martha and Alastair’s wedding on the rooftop
overlooking the Raya Hotel and its stunning surroundings on Panarea Island that
creep back into my mind…
Just nine months before their Wedding Day in May 2016, Alastair had proposed to
Martha overlooking the rolling waves of the sea on the tiny Isola di Panarea – the
smallest of the Aeolian islands, just north of Sicily. It was very fitting that the couple
returned to the same spot to exchange their vows in the spectacular natural setting
of deep blue water, golden sands, snow white buildings and a profusion of deeply
coloured bougainvillea. Surrounded by their family and friends, the couple were
married in a warm and intimate service. Their strong and tangible love mingled with
the breeze as it brushed the rocks, trees and sand as well as the radiant faces of the
bride and groom.
Martha in an elegant blush coloured gown and carrying a spray of beautiful
bougainvillea was given to Alastair by both her parents and everyone was visibly
moved as the couple exchanged their vows, cementing their partnership for ever as
the waves whispered their names. The words of the E.E Cummings poem ‘I Thank
You God for Most This Amazing Day’ emphasised the natural beauty of the location,
which was enjoyed by everyone during the Wedding Breakfast. The emotions of the
day and the couple’s deep love and tangible connection were captured by my
camera with the sheer beauty of the nature.
The couple had carefully planned an intimate and informal day surrounded by great
natural beauty, in a place where the rocks and sand have changed little over the
centuries and served as a powerful reminder that love is the oldest and most
powerful emotion of them all….



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