16 March 2016

Sometimes time seems to flow by, it slips through your fingers and you’d like to stop it for ever…

I don’t believe in many things in this world. I believe in the love that I have for my family and I believe in the love that two people can have for each other. Witnessing such intense and intimate moments makes me want to travel the world to be lucky enough to have a chance to write these stories which bring me so much. Each time I end up being even more impatient to enter a new story that will be as beautiful as the moment I just lived…Trying to stop time and make this beautiful moment last would just have been an illusion.

Joshua Tree, California.

A place that should be seen once in a lifetime… To tread the sandy soil, to lay a hand on the rocks that have been warmed by the sun, or to let your gaze wander in the immensity of the place. Only focusing on what surrounds you, on the beauty of life, and realizing how lucky you are to be able to live it and to live this precise moment.

Somewhere in the desert…

The wind is blowing through the thin walls of this small cabin that is standing in the middle of the desert, creating a magical melody that nothing could hinder. I don’t want to leave this place… I just need to disappear in order to enjoy this moment of sharing. What Bridget and Paul are living in front of my camera is a blessing, a pure moment of love, of connexion, of tenderness. I don’t need anything else to feel happy and fulfilled. They’ve forgotten me… I don’t want to disturb them, the noise of my camera makes me shy… The moment is so intoxicating that I could stay there with them for days.

Such moments have to be lived, they have to be part of our everyday lives with our relatives, from our friends to our dear loved ones.

Sometimes time seems to flow by, it slips through my fingers and I would like to stop it for ever…




Oh man… these are sooo in love… you captured so well their intimacy and love!

reportaż ślubny warszawa

Wonderful photos, amazing set 😉

I believe that when two people are in love with each other, you can see it in their eyes. The way they look at each other, their eyes full of undying feelings for each other, admiration, trust and gentleness. There’s this invisible thread connecting them two and i saw that in your photographs. It’s amazing Thierry…

Un reportage emprunt d’une émotion incroyable!
Un sublime travail, bravo Thierry, j’en ai la chair de poule.


Awesome stuff dude!

belo trabalho!!!

It’s so good to see an european eye in this location, I loved it!

amazing work, especially the indoor part of the shoot. love it.

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