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Scotland is a country with a wealth of amazing places that are natural backdrops for a wedding photographer. The Isle of Skye, The Old man of Storr, Neist Point; each place is more breathtaking than the last for a wedding or an elopement.

Their names still echo in my mind. For me, the sheer vastness of those places and the love between Tiffany and David create the perfect alchemy for telling a story. The moment is heady with emotion. Glencoe without rain would not be Scotland, and I wasn’t expecting anything less when I came here. But somehow I knew that the temperamental Scottish climate would pale into insignificance in the presence of this loving couple, and that the raw, natural backdrop of the Three Sisters would be enough to make those moments enchanting. Standing in contemplation at the foot of these majestic peaks, they rise like giant statues against the sky. You feel small, so very small, surrounded by nature’s incredible masterpiece. Only the bravest will be able to climb the steep slopes and on reaching the summit, enjoy the privilege of drinking in the sheer immensity of the landscape below. There is no road leading to the summit: that view has to be earned! They allowed us to spend some time with them today. The rain was kind to us, and stopped every time we got out of the car – a real stroke of luck. The Three Sisters looked down with indulgence as we stole those magic moments from them.

At the foot of the majestic peaks, Tiffany & David threw themselves heart and soul into the photo session. What a privilege to have been able to experience those unforgettable moments with them. Their love found its rightful place in the immensity of the mountain landscape. I am happy to have written a chapter of your story here, and I am now looking forward to seeing you again at the other side of the world next year, to write the rest.


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Wonderful venue and images.

Wonderful venue and images. The story is absolutely gorgeous!

Stunning work mate! It’s refreshing to see your eyes capturing a story in this place! Bravo.


Gorgeous as always Thierry!!!!

Beautiful set! Glencoe is ace!

Very nice Thierry!!

beautiful set!

Beautiful story!

Who are you? This is absolutely perfect. Thank you.

Beautiful my friend, simply beautiful.

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