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Firenze wedding photographer

Italy, Tuscany, Florence…  A magical place for a wedding. For many wedding photographers, this little corner of Italy is a reference. As for me, loving define myself as a storyteller, the place I care little. The priority for me remains the couple, their history, their love, the relationship between them and me throughout the day. The rain canceling the outdoor ceremony scheduled in the sublime gardens of “Four Seasons” has nothing changed for them. Upon my arrival until late at night, smiles were on their faces. They were happy simply. Bridget and Paul from New Orleans in the United States, they are part of these couples it is difficult to leave once written history. I give them memories on photos; I keep these images in my memory.


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What energy! Beautiful images.

Amélie Soubrié

ça claque, superbe reportage Thierry !

Fabulous my friend..

amazing as always my friend, you’re the very best !!!

Top !!!!

I love your work, crack!

Un trabajo maravilloso!! Enhorabuena 😉

Bête de soirée! Ambiance à l’italienne, quelques photos qui sortent grave du lot, love it!

WOuaa ça c’est de la soirée de ouf ! et ce reportage est juste canon !

Superbe reportage l’ami !! Benchmark de photos de soirées !! Bravo

killer work!!

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