12 September 2016

Brooklyn Wedding Photographer
I could write reams and reams and still I would not have enough space to describe how wonderful it was to write this story right in the heart of this city I love so much; New-York and its Brooklyn neighborhood.
It’s proof that love doesn’t happen only in magnificent landscapes and under a blazing sun in the southern hemisphere.

“Happiness is everywhere and we have to do our best to capture it. It’s something I have to do. It’s what I have set out to do, It’s my leitmotiv, my obsession. On a wedding day, my only focus is the couple.
I’m a photographer attracted by the human. These words, these sentences accompany me permanently during these days that I share with my couples.”

I don’t know which part of that rainy day moved me the most…
Their love, so visible through my lens as their eyes met for the first time on that pavement in Brooklyn.
When I was told that Dyan was wearing her mother’s wedding dress that she had made and sewn herself for her own wedding; Or the moving speech given by Dong’s brother that moved him to tears during the dinner…

Those are the kind of moments that everyone should experience in their lives. I hope you will too.
That menacing rain was kind to us. It enabled the young couple to discover one another on that small bit of sidewalk in New-York.
It held off so that the moving ceremony could take place out back of “The crest hardware” DIY shop, but not long enough for the newlyweds and the guests to end their day with an evening meal in the open air.

But it didn’t matter. Come hail or shine, or any other quirks of nature, it could not mar the young couple’s blissful happiness.

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A story so well told! Beautiful Photography

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Fantastic story!

This is beautiful, man!



Un beau reportage et des images qui nous transportent ailleurs … joli mariage !

It´s Amazing, i love you light!!!

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