“When the word beauty takes on its full meaning…” Bridal Dress Collection

I had never thought that one day I would enjoy photographing wedding dresses so much. I have always cared more about human relationships than anything else in my job. To me, the wedding dress will always be an essential element in our work. It makes the future bride feel beautiful, happy and radiant for these few important hours in a woman’s life. As professionals, we must do our best to photograph it using our cameras and our creativity.

The only thing that I keep in mind as my priority when I am with a bride is that the person wearing it is infinitely more important than the dress itself.
I like to call myself a storyteller, but I could just as easily be a “Human Photographer”, where human defines the person.
A dress might be beautiful, but when it is worn by a happy and radiant bride, it becomes stunning.

Lihi HOD is a true artist. She is one of those people I sincerely admire and deeply respect.
For me, taking the pictures at her wedding in Israel was much more than a photographic experience: it was a human experience. Artist… With Lihi, the word takes on its full meaning when she lets you have free rein and completely trusts you to capture the infinite beauty of her creations, adding just one, or rather a few words: “I want the photos to exude sensuality…”

The Pierre Hotel, Central Park – New York.
Presidential suite, 39th floor. 5.15pm

The view on Central Park is magnificent. I suddenly feel like I’m flying or gliding. Right now, I think that Lihi’s creations are exactly where they belong, close to heavens… I don’t dare to touch the dresses, these creations are wonders to me. I am happy just to look at them, to observe them as if they were “alive”… The rays of sunlight that filter through the windows of this suite at the end of the day light up these treasures, and suddenly decorate the walls with millions of golden stars on. The moment is magical.

Walking the corridors of the New-York palace with the beautiful women wearing these magnificent dresses, the places that at first seemed austere, lit up as they passed by. The long, dark, narrow corridor without any ornament looks like a podium when the model walks and lights up with the few spotlights.
Was it magic? I cannot tell… But what I do know is that the few hours I experienced here made my day a magical one.

“Somewhere in the sky…”





Just Waouh!!

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Truly gorgeous and brilliant.


Solennel, artistique, pur et tellement beau ! Bravo Thierry

Magnifique mon ami !

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