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Aynhoe park wedding photographer

Aynhoe park… What an extraordinary place for a wedding. It’s in Bicester, a small town an hour from London that I found Larissa & Oliver for their wedding day. An imposing building which from the outside leaves you dreamer. Reign on this place a magical atmosphere. There has sometimes hard to interpret, one must live to understand. Each part is inhabited of works of art for some from the other end of the earth and other more or less crazy that give a soul to this imposing building. What a pleasure to write their story in this place, surrounded by their families and friends who crossed the whole earth to make this day to be one of the most beautiful of their lives. Write a wedding story in Aynhoe park is a difficult experience to forget as this day at their sides.


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Trop magnifique Thierry. Bravo x

I love the dark tones and the mood of these photos. Awesome!

Whouhou! Thierry est en forme! Et ce n’est pas fini 🙂 Clap clap clap…

B R U T A L my friend !!!!!

Grandiose !!!

Beautiful work my friend!

Oh my… Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photos! If I should ever consider to marry: THIS would be my location (and you my photographer of choice)!


Top photography work i’ve ever seen.

This is fabulous. Such a great atmosphere to this. Love the unusual compositions you’re throwing in as well, like the shoe-shot. Great stuff and very inspiring work overall!

Thierry Joubert

Dear Larissa, It was a pleasure to tell your amazing story <3



My friend, this is amazing!!

fantastic set of photos, love that venue!

Dude, amazing work men!

Absolutely massively love every single frame. World class.

Tout y est, le fun, les couleurs, les sourires, les cadrages, le decor, tout juste parfait mais en mieux

Quel endroit, quelle atmosphère, quel couple et quel reportage !!! Pow pow pow… c’est beau !!! Bravo Thierry 😉 !!!


Thank you again for capturing my wedding so beautifully!! You were a joy to work with 🙂

These images are so beautiful! And what a thrill it must have been. Very beautiful work Thierry

Love your work. Stunning!


Fab work dude! What a place!!!

Awesome !!! Bravo Thierry c’est vraiment superbe !

Super frames! Really loved looking through this set Thierry.

Amazing work my man, killed it!!

Awesome, congrat!! Amazing work!

loved your take on Aynhoe…..


Mr Joubert… once again I am left completely in awe of your work. Much love.

Beautiful and simply stunning from start to finish!

Bravo Thierry, un très beau reportage. Une ambiance magique.

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