Lauren & Dave, Los Angeles wedding photographer

I am lost in my thoughts, and the low, blazing afternoon sun warms my face. Some moments in your life just happen as if they were part of a preordained destiny, as if they just had to be part of your life path; to help you move forward, to grow, to confirm certain life choices and to show you the way you should keep following.

Hollywood, Los Angeles.
15th of September.

These few letters here in front of me, raised like statues on their pedestals, remind me of my childhood. By constantly believing in them, and by hard work and many risks, my childhood dreams are being fulfilled after all these years. The dream of walking on the warm and colored earth of that hill, as I had done countless times in my imagination. The dream of travelling to meet people, and to experience moments that are as unforgettable as the couples I share them with. Dreams are there to make you want to live, hope and move on. Dreams make you happy, and are totally intoxicating when they become a reality…

Lauren & Dave.

With these two people, so obviously in love with one another, the word “connection” took on its full meaning. It was as if our meeting were part of our destiny. Once more, you are the living proof of the theory I have always believed in. Whatever the place, the landscape or any other “artifice”… For an artist, the present moment spent with the one you love is still the most beautiful scene to paint. I loved being able to give free rein to my imagination with you. The love you revealed during that short moment I shared with you was pure and real. That is the true meaning of happiness in my eyes and I need nothing more to be happy and fulfilled.


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