Asylum Wedding LondonAnthony & Nicholas

Asylum Wedding London

It’s always so difficult for me to write what I feel when I share love stories with these couples who bring me so much. I believe in love between two people and it’s enough to make me a happy man in my professional and artistic life. Anthony and Nicholas belong to these people who bring me a lot of things. As I often like to say, the connexion I have with my couples remains my priority. The beauty of a dress, the grandeur of a scenery, the magic of a venue, all of these are « secondary » to me. For me the real magic is to be found in the love that the couple gives me, wherever they may be…


This city is one of my favourite place on earth… I could live there. Anthony and Nicholas’s ceremony at the Asylum was a unique photographic experience to me… I wish I could have stayed there longer… This magical place is even more captivating when the rays of the sun are streaming through the stained glasses, which brings to the whole place an atmosphere from another world. The place was just for them. As was One Friendly Place, a multiple-floor building in Deptford area,where they celebrated the rest of the day with their friends. A building with a remaining soul. Thanks to you both for sharing with me one of the happiest day in your life.

I kept the very last lines for you Claire. Your kindness is only equalled by your talent… You are one of those few people on earth who spread joy and happiness as soon as you meet their eyes. Thank you to be who you are and thank you for inviting me at Anthony and Nicholas’s wedding. « I’m honoured to be at your side » was the feeling I kept during the whole day.

Thank you.


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  • What a beautiful and heartfelt story, I expected nothing less! Amazing!

  • Gerry said:

    Top coverage!

  • Sjoerd Booij said:

    So well done my friend! Beautiful wedding!

  • Andrea E said:

    This is so beautiful ... To be able to see the same day through the eyes of two of my most favourite photographers in the World has just been wonderful ! I bet the boys are just overjoyed to have you both there telling their love story in your own unique ways ... Just gorgeous !

  • Matt Jones said:

    Masterful, so inspiring. Brilliant work my friend :)

  • Thanks Andrea for your kind words, they touched my heart...

  • Anna said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything. Beautiful story and beautiful pictures indeed!

  • Samantha said:

    Beautifully captured Thierry!

  • Alper Tunc said:

    So damn good! Love your way of storytelling! :)

  • Assolutamente favoloso!!! Bravo.

    Absolutely amazing!! Bravo.

  • love your work! just followed the link from your mate in the facebook group pentaprism Matt Jones.
    Very inspired x

  • Leentje S said:

    very beautiful, Thierry. How wonderful was it to spend the day with Claire and this awesome couple! Hope to see you again some day!

    Cheers from Belgium

  • Claire Penn said:

    Thierry... you are an inspiration and it was an absolute honour (if slightly intimidating initially!) to have you come and join me and work alongside me and my amazing couple, Anthony & Nicholas. I love how you see the world, but you already know that. <3 Much love, your friend, Claire xxx

  • I see screenshots from a movie that I REALLY want to see. A masterpiece with a damn brilliant director of photography. Stunning Thierry!

  • Whoa. It's been ages since I've looked at another photographers blog... but I somehow stumbled on this... and ho-ly-shit. This is truly next level stuff. Not only does it look like the best wedding ever (really. ever!), but the photography is impeccable. I felt like we'd gone back in time, cut out all the bullshit and just witnessed something truly beautiful. Thanks for making these photos exist on the interweb!

  • Breathtaking work my friend. An absolute masterpiece of a story captured.

  • Jonas Seaman said:

    Oh my God!! That was amazing. I feel like I just lived it!! Truly great work.

  • pen said:

    Exquisite. That's the word that kept running through my mind as I looked at these images. You're a true artist.

  • Pablo said:

    Great job my friend :)

  • Thierry,
    il n'y a pas assez de mots sur cette terre pour décrire la beauté de ton travail. Tu vas chercher l'émotion au plus profond où elle se cache. Ta passion et ton art son sublimes. Tu sais comme je suis fan!

  • Adams said:

    Amazing stuff, love the shoot and the location!!!

  • Chiara said:

    what to say! I discovered it now and it's simply amazing!